The Pastor’s Kid

The Pastor’s Kid
By Barnabas Piper and John Piper
David C. Cook
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Book Description: 

The Only One Facing As Much Pressure As the Pastor is … The Pastor’s Kid
Dad may be following God’s call, but the Pastor’s kids (PKs) are just following mom and dad. Often to devastating results.
Barnabas Piper – son of Pastor and bestselling author John Piper – has experienced the challenges of being a PK first-hand. With empathy, humor, and personal stories, he addresses the pervasive assumptions, identity issues and accelerated scrutiny PKs face.
But more than just stating the problems – he shares the one thing a PK needs above all else (as do their pastor/father and church) is to live in true freedom and wholeness.


This book is very insightful and helps us to understand what it is like being the child of a pastor.  The author was a PK himself and shares his story in such a way as to both enlighten the reader and entertain them.  PK’s will relate to his words and find comfort in the familiarity of the author’s life.  Church members will learn how to accept PKs where they are and not put unrealistic expectations on them just because their parent is the Pastor.  This book was a good reminder that we are all human and, flaws and all, God loves us right where we are.
~Reviewed by Pat C.