Love. Period.

Love. Period.: When All Else FailsLove. Period.
By Rudy Rasmus
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Book Description:

When we say, “I choose to love. Period.”
we are signaling to the world that a revolution
has taken place in our hearts.

What would happen if we truly loved those who are different from us in race, background, abilities, gender, economic status, identity, or physical condition? How would our communities change if we stopped being afraid of those who don’t fit our definition of “loveable”? How would our hearts find greater joy if we acknowledged the risk of loving without conditions—and did it anyway?

Love. Period. is hustler-turned-pastor Rudy Rasmus’s call for us to live the most daring way we can. To refuse to follow the hate and apathy of our world. To speak the words that Jesus intended: “I choose to love. Period.” Love—it’s precisely what God calls us to do.


I wish that I could say that this book isn’t necessary.  That, as Christians, we follow God’s command to love one another and to love our neighbor as ourselves. But sadly, this book is relevant and necessary in today’s world and within church walls. Author Rudy Rasmus really makes you think and after reading this book you will find yourself reexamining the concept of love. This book provides useful and practical insight on why love is so critical…not only to our very existence, but to our development as a whole and complete person.  I highly recommend this book.

~Reviewed by Sharon S.