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Middle School: The Inside Story

Product DetailsMiddle School: The Inside Story
By Cynthia Tobias
Focus on the Family
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Book Description:

Remember middle school? Many parents would rather not. It’s often a rough ride, filled with insecurity, peer pressure, awkwardness, and world-rocking change. This book provides practical, hands-on advice for helping your child through this minefield—with information about what he or she is really going through, but isn’t likely to share.

Best-selling learning-styles expert Cynthia Tobias and veteran teacher Sue Acuña reveal what they’ve found by listening to kids when parents aren’t around—and give you insider tips on how to bless your middle-schooler with success in class, at home, and in relationships. Topics include advice for keeping communication lines open, predictable physical and social issues, and solutions for problems like self-centeredness and over-the-top emotions.


This is a fantastic book for parents and teachers alike that will help you to understand the mind of the middle-school student.  You will gain insight not only into HOW they think, but WHAT they are thinking about, and the culture that they are immersed in.  This book was filled with great suggestions and the authors made use of stories and quotes from middle schoolers.  They share share better ways of communicating about a variety of topics where parents often miss the mark.

The middle school years are difficult, no doubt.  But I remember talking to one of my kids favorite teachers and she told me that she truly enjoyed teaching this age group.  In fact, when she was deciding which grade to teach, she decided to teach middle school because she felt that “these kids deserved a teacher that liked them.”  This book will help you to become THAT teacher or parent who actually LIKES this age group.  This book is a winner.

~Reviewed by Helen M.