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The Soul of Discretion

Product DetailsThe Soul of Discretion
By Susan Hill
The Overlook Press
Retail Price: $15.95
Amazon Price:$13.26

Book Description: 

In the eighth of the critically acclaimed Simon Serrailler series, the Chief Superintendent is faced with worse crimes than ever, and the town of Lafferton is left reeling

Susan Hill―the Man Booker Prize nominee and winner of the Whitbread, Somerset Maugham, and John Llewellyn Rhys awards―returns with a gripping new novel, the latest chapter in one of the most acclaimed mystery series of our time.

When Simon Serrailler is called in by Lafferton’s new Chief Constable, he is met by two plainclothes officers who ask him to take the principal role in a difficult, potentially dangerous undercover operation. He must leave town immediately, without telling anyone―not even his girlfriend Rachel, who has only just moved in with him. To complete his special operation, Simon must inhabit the mind of the worst kind of criminal. This takes its toll on Simon and― as the investigation unfolds―also on the town and some of its most respected citizens.


This is an intriguing series.   While I recommend that you start from the very beginning (you won’t be sorry!), this book can be read independently.  As you pop open the cover and begin reading, you quickly become aware that this author is extremely intelligent with a very sensitive heart.  The range of her sympathy and the depth of her moral concern is very apparent. Her novels are always entertaining combining good plots with well-drawn characters and intelligent probing of the way we live now.  This book is hugely enjoyable and very satisfying.  If you love a good mystery, you will want to pick up a copy today!

~Reviewed by Jared M.

    Hidden in the Stars

    Hidden in the Stars
    by Robin Carroll
    Retail Price $13.99
    Amazon Price: $11.32

    Book Description: 

    Following an attack that killed her mother and stole her ability to speak, 21-year-old Sophia Montgomery has no choice but to accept her estranged grandmother’s offer to return to their family home. Although detective Julian Frazier is working hard on the case, Sophia unknowingly frustrates him because her inability to speak thwarts her eyewitness evidence. The fact that Julian is undeniably attracted to Sophia doesn’t help either, so Julian hides his feelings as concern for a trauma victim and focuses instead on finding the killer.Little do they know, the clues to solving the case may be right in front of them, displayed in Sophia’s mother’s “special” quilt design. Who will realize the secret Sophia’s unwittingly been hiding in plain sight? When the truth comes to light, will Sophia find her voice again? Or will the murderer—still at large—silence her forever?


    I wasn’t expecting a murder mystery  to be a part of the Quilts of Love series, but in the end it fit really well and I am glad I had a chance to read it!  This book ended up being my favorite in the series so far.  My emotions ran the gamut as the author built her story around  a tragic event, dealing with loss, and family secrets.  Caroll did a great job building the plot, describing the characters, and drawing the readers in.  And she balanced the mystery and romance well.  I found the book intriguing and it drew me in from the start.  It was a great read.

    ~Reviewed by Rosie B.

      Sky Zone

      Sky Zone
      by Creston Mapes
      David C. Cook
      Retail Price $14.99
      Amazon Price: $13.20

      Book Description: 

      A rally for a controversial presidential candidate.
      A terrorist threat.A nightmare of cataclysmic proportions. Jack and Pamela Crittendon have hit the breaking point. After months out of work as a reporter, Jack is playing Mr. Mom and working part-time at Festival Arena with his survivalist friend Brian Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Pamela has gone back to work full-time while eight months pregnant. Having her recently widowed mother on hand isn’t making matters any easier.

      With financial pressures boiling, Jack reports for duty at a rally for controversial presidential candidate Martin Sterling where he expects a mindless night on the job. But when Homeland Security picks up intel about a potential terrorist threat, Jack and Shakespeare are thrust into a life-or-death battle to save their own lives–and the lives of thousands of innocent people.This third book in The Crittendon Files reminds us of the power of family, friendships and faith–and why we are never in as much control as we think.


      This book is part of the Crittendon Files series and while it is best to read the entire series, I feel that this book can stand alone.  The main character is Jack Crittendon, a journalist with the daily paper in Trenton City who ends up in investigations that are way over his head!   I really enjoyed the plot of this novel.  Jack is a very believable character and easy to relate to. He is an ordinary, everyday kind of guy that you might have in your own life.  He has a wife and family and normal, everyday family issues.  You can see yourself reacting just as he does in a given situation, which is probably one reason he is such a likeable character.  There were other characters who were involved in things that were totally unexpected, which added to the suspense.   I found this to be a very enjoyable read.

      ~Reviewed by John K.

        Mermaid Moon (A Sunset Cove Novel)

        Product DetailsMermaid Moon (A Sunset Cove Novel)
        by Colleen Coble
        Thomas Nelson
        Retail Price: $15.99
        Amazon Price: $12.40

        Book Description:  

        Mallory’s mother died fifteen years ago. But her father’s last words on the phone were unmistakable: “Find . . . mother.”

        Shame and confusion have kept Mallory Davis from her home for the last fifteen years, but when her dad mysteriously dies on his mail boat route, she doesn’t have any choice but to go back to Mermaid Point.

        Mallory believes her father was murdered and childhood sweetheart Kevin O’Connor, game warden in Downeast Maine, confirms her suspicions. But Kevin is wary of helping Mallory in her search. She broke his heart—and left—without a word, years ago.

        When Mallory begins receiving threats on her own life—and her beloved teenage daughter, Haylie—their search intensifies. There’s a tangled web within the supposed murder, and it involves much more than what meets the eye.

        As answers begin to fall into place, Mallory realizes her search is about more than finding her father’s killer—it is also about finding herself again . . . and possibly about healing what was broken so long ago with Kevin. She just has to stay alive long enough to put all the pieces together.


        I love mystery, suspense, and thriller novels.  I also love romance novels.  Author Colleen Coble brings together the best of both genres in Mermaid Moon.  I have read many of Coble’s books, but I have to say, I feel that this is one of her best.  The plot is well laid out, and the mystery drives you to keep reading.  Her characters are well-developed and interesting, and the prose and dialogue were equally balanced to both set the scene and show me the characters’ thoughts and feelings.  As for the setting, you can tell she did a lot of research so that she describes the area flawlessly.   This book delivers just what I was expecting as a suspense and mystery fan, lots of twists and turns and a surprise, but satisfying ending.  It was an excellent read.

        ~Reviewed by Shannon J.

          If I Run

          Product DetailsIf I Run
          by Terri Blackstock
          Retail Price: $15.99
          Amazon Price: $9.42

          Book Description: 

          Casey knows the truth.

          But it won’t set her free.

          Casey Cox’s DNA is all over the crime scene. There’s no use talking to police; they have failed her abysmally before. She has to flee before she’s arrested . . . or worse. The truth doesn’t matter anymore.

          But what is the truth? That’s the question haunting Dylan Roberts, the war-weary veteran hired to find Casey. PTSD has marked him damaged goods, but bringing Casey back can redeem him. Though the crime scene seems to tell the whole story, details of the murder aren’t adding up. Casey Cox doesn’t fit the profile of a killer. But are Dylan’s skewed perceptions keeping him from being objective? If she isn’t guilty, why did she run?

          Unraveling her past and the evidence that condemns her will take more time than he has, but as Dylan’s damaged soul intersects with hers, he is faced with two choices. The girl who occupies his every thought is a psychopathic killer . . . or a selfless hero. And the truth could be the most deadly weapon yet.


          Terri Blackstock is a Christian fiction writer that has become well known for her Christian mystery/suspense novels.  Her books are full of danger and intrigue as well as suspense and mystery and this one is no different!  InIf I Run Blackstock sets the stage for and exhilarating, satisfying read with redemptive qualities.  The book is well written and the characters are fully developed and she has an overriding theme of God’s redemption in a messed up world.  It left me thinking deeply about my own expectations of others, and understanding Gods plan in my own life.  This author always gets me thinking and challenges me to take a look at my own preconceived notions and judgments.

          Reviewed by Allie B.