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What’s The Smoke for?

What’s The Smoke for?
By Johan van Parys
Liturgical Press
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Book Description: 

What are Vespers? Where have the consecration bells gone? Why do some liturgical ministers vest and others don’t? Blinking sneakers on altar servers, Christmas trees in January . . . what is that all about? These are some of the candid questions that Catholics and others often wonder about the liturgy. In What’s the Smoke For? expert liturgist Johan van Parys offers helpful and engaging answers. Based on church teaching and rooted in sound theology, Johan’s responses invite inquiring minds to continue to think about what is happening in the church and to be engaged in learning more about liturgy and the arts.



This fresh work explains the liturgy in all its aspects for the common man and while it is written by a respected liturgics scholar, it is done so in plain language making it easy to read and understand. The author answers many questions that many are thinking, but afraid to ask.  I would recommend this to anyone who would like to understand what the liturgy is, how it functions, and why churches in the prayer book tradition hold so firmly to it.

~Reviewed by Janice S.