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A Dad After God’s Own Heart

A Dad After God’s Own Heart
By Jim George
Harvest House
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Book Description:

What makes for a great dad? It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. It all starts with having a heart for God, and a heart for your kids.In A Dad After God’s Own Heart, bestselling author Jim George shares the simple basics for how to be a good dad with your kids. This includes…

  • letting your kids know you love and care for them
  • learning the keys to positive and effective communication
  • knowing the qualities kids need most in a dad
  • ways to encourage your children in their spiritual growth
  • how to build healthy relationships that will last for a lifetime

As you commit to learning how to be a good dad, you’ll draw closer to your children and find fatherhood to be an incredible blessing.



Every father wants to be a great dad. We want to do what is best for our children, and be the kind of father they need so that they can flourish in life. But how do you do that? In this book Jim George offers his advice on how to be a great father. In this book he urges fathers to pay attention to communication and how our kids view not only our words, but our actions. He reminds us that a great father is a father who helps his children to develop their God-given gifts and potential, and be all that God has made them to be. 

~Reviewed by Andy S.

    Life Lessons for Dad

    Life Lessons for Dad
    By Michael Mitchel
    B & H
    Retail Price $12.99
    Amazon Price: $9.62

    Book Description:

    “Savor every moment you have together. Today she might be crawling around the house in diapers, tomorrow you’re handing her the keys to the car, and before you know it, you’re walking her down the aisle.”
    Drawn from the vastly popular Life to Her Years blog, this instantly likeable gift book for dads with daughters pairs endearing photographs with hundreds of plainspoken parenting truths and advices that are uniquely funny, wise, heartwarming, mind blowing—sometimes all at once.
    “Boys will break her heart. So will mean girls, stray puppies, and devastating athletic losses. Be there to help pick up the pieces.”
    The perfect present for Father’s Day, other milestone occasions, or just for fun, Life Lessons for Dad is a full-color reminder of the social and spiritual responsibilities that parenthood requires, a special collection reflecting upon every aspiration and inspiration involving your little girl who gets bigger every day.
    “Be careful how often you tell her to hurry up. One day you may wish you’d slowed down.”


    This is a simple but powerful book cute pictures with short captions underneath. It is endearing and insightful and not only reminded me to live in the moment but also to be more patient with my daughter and to build memories that will last a lifetime. This book is truly uplifting and engaging.

    ~Reviewed by Richie B.

      The Unbreakable Boy

      Product DetailsThe Unbreakable Boy
      by By Scott Michael LeRette
      Thomas Nelson
      Retail Price $24.99
      Amazon Price: $18.29

      Book Description:

      Like any other teenage boy, Austin loves pizza, movies, dancing, and girls. But unlike most other eighteen-year-olds, he has a rare brittle-bone disease, was locked in a mental ward as a child, and is autistic. Yet Austin doesn’t let any of that stop him.His is a world where suffering a broken back is a minor inconvenience and the quest for the ultimate strawberry shake just might be the best day of his life.Written with remarkable candor by Austin’s father, Scott, and New York Times best-selling author Susy Flory, The Unbreakable Boy weaves the beautiful and often humorous tale of how Austin teaches his father—and everyone else he encounters—to have faith in God and trust that one day life’s messes will all make sense.

      Austin’s journey dares us all to believe that miracles are possible, that hope does spring eternal, and that we canfind joyous moments to celebrate every day.


      The book very moving and inspirational.  Scott tells the life story of his son in such a way that you feel that you are with him on his journey. Even though the topics can be heavy, he relates them in a light, easy manner.  I could not put this book down and enjoyed it from start to finish!  It will encourage you to overcome the obstacles in your own life and come out on top. I highly recommend reading this book!