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Your Blueprint for Life

Product DetailsYour Blueprint for Life
By Michael Kendrick
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Your Blueprint for Life gives the strategies readers need to align their passions, gifts, and calling.

As CEO of the Blueprint for Life ministry, Michael Kendrick is devoted to helping others discover God’s purpose for their lives. Your Blueprint for Life guides readers toward a Christ-honoring life—one that brings joy spiritually, financially, relationally, physically, and professionally. With practical guidance for discovering passion, gifts, and callings, YourBlueprint for Life gives readers concrete strategies for achieving the life they were created to lead, such as:

  • Intentionally carve out a specific time each day to hear from God
  • Prune your relational portfolio
  • Step into your children’s world
  • Remember you are a steward of God’s resources, not an owner of your resources

For anyone who has ever wondered why they were put on earth, YourBlueprint for Life not only answers the question, but it also gives readers a solid guide to understanding and achieving God’s vision for their lives.


Author Michael Kendrickempowers readers to truly discover their passion and purpose in life. In this book he walks hand in hand with people to show them they don’t need to settle for just another job.  Along with practical plans for finding meaningful work the book is a great encouragement for those feeling lost or stuck in their current situation.  Whether the job market is booming or slow, Kendrick offers great advice in helping you find a good career match.  It is perfect for people desiring to be more intentional about their quality of life.

~Reviewed by Dave H.